"When I started working with Michael I was unemployed, had no vision for myself and I didn't think my life would amount to much really. I would say I was depressed. Working with Michael has changed my life in a way I did not think was possible. Today I’m an entrepreneur who has founded a successful chain of restaurants. This is a radical shift from when I first met Michael, yet I feel this is just the beginning. Working with him has helped me discover the power that I have within me and how I can use it to create the life I want. I trust Michael more than any other human being on this planet and would recommend his work to anyone."



"When I met Michael I was working in branding products through television shows. I had had a lot of success, but wanted to be in a position of financial freedom and power. I also wanted to build a loving family.

With Michael's guidance, I have been able to expand  in order to be in touch with my true vision of myself. I have always seen myself as a leader. Now I am being that person. I am 100% independent in my work,10 times more financially successful and I am building a beauitful family as well."



"When my difficult marriage of fifteen years finally came to an end, I was left feeling resentful and angry. I was confused about how I should best move forward in my personal life.  Michael's insight guided me from being a bitter ex, to happiness.  No doubt this was a very difficult transition. Michael's advice to me was to do what would make me happy.  At first I was angry with this. It sounded frivolous because it had been so long since I had done something to make myself happy! After several sessions with Michael I embraced this new outlook, finally seeing the value in letting deep happiness guide me. My life has blossomed. My love for my children continues to grow and I have moved on with a fun and loving new partner. I have a lovely home in a beautiful town and I am performing better in my job because I'm a happy person!"